Refillable Bearing Lubricators

Setting dial (1 - 3 - 6 and 12 months) supply duration.
Supplied with medium tension spring with optional light & strong tension springs available for varying applications.
Operating temperatures -30 deg C to +132 degC.
Suitable for use with all types of grease NLGI 0-1-2-3-4.
Available in 100ml and 220ml sizes.
Outlet Thread M10 with 1/8" BSP Adaptor.

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Code Datasheet Description Stock Price
(exc VAT)
MCGL100 Call us for details 100ml Refillable Bearing Lubricator 1 £68.34 (£82.01 inc VAT)
MCGL220 Call us for details 220ml Refillable Bearing Lubricator 0 £78.09 (£93.71 inc VAT)