Model FP Pneumatic Linear Vibrators

U.K Manufacture.
Linear vibration, ideal for arduous conditions.
Force 34 N to 4270 N.
Frequency and amplitude adjustable independently.
Suitable for temperatures up to 150 deg C.

Models FP25M- FP35M are direct delivery (other models are available).

See Technical Data sheet for full specification & range.

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Model FP Pneumatic Linear Vibrators
Code Datasheet VPM/N BSP Stock Price
(exc VAT)
FP12M 6700/74N1/8" 0 £172.20 (£206.64 inc VAT)
FP18M 5900/188N1/8" 3 £206.89 (£248.27 inc VAT)
FP25M 4200/504N1/4" 3 £249.67 (£299.60 inc VAT)
FP35M 4600/1080N1/4" 2 £321.00 (£385.20 inc VAT)