Sbarion have been supplying precision engineered heavy machinery and replacement parts to Gwynedd's agricultural, manufacturing and similar industries for the past 23 years.


We've built a reputation among our customers for being the best it is at what we do; from sale, to supply and delivery we guarantee that our skilled staff will make the entire process as smooth as possible so you can stop worrying about your old or broken down equipment and focus on getting back to work.

Our ISO 9000 Accreditation is your guarantee that every single time your needs will be met quickly and efficiently, and that if problems do arise you can be sure we'll do everything within our power to correct them.


As well as being the region's leading supplier of heavy machinery we're also the only company within 50 miles who supply bearings for power transmissions. If you need the part and your normal supplier's saying it'll take a week, why not give us a call? It's more than likely that we'll be able to deliver the part sooner and at a competitive price you're sure to be pleased with.